There are nine volunteer fire departments in New York City that respond to calls in their neighborhood in addition to a normal assignment of FDNY units. The nine volunteer fire departments are a supplement to the FDNY, however they have proven essential at particular incidents and during certain times. Such as during storms when flooding conditions prevented FDNY Companies from reaching alarms or with a delayed response. They are located in the more isolated neighborhoods of the city, which have geographical issues such as limited access, tight streets or large areas of brush, etc. Many of the members are also New York City employees including the FDNY, EMS and NYPD and/or reside in the response area of their department which benefits their service. Typically the departments respond in addition to the initial assignment dispatched by the FDNY. The volunteer departments are fully trained and operational with the apparatus and equipment they have. Therefore, when they arrive to a scene first or when needed they will implement their operations alongside FDNY as applicable. There is at least one volunteer fire department in every borough of the city except Manhattan. Four of the volunteer companies in Queens and the one in Brooklyn also provide emergency medical/ambulance services.