The Ceremonial Unit is a guard of honour for special services in the program within the New York City Police Department. Specializing in drill and ceremony, it often posts the colours at certain events and marches in a platoon formation during parades and ceremonies. Pallbearers from the unit also on occasion escort the coffin of police officers who die in the line of duty at their funerals.

The Band of the City of New York Police Department (commonly branded as the NYPD Police Band) the primary musical unit of the NYPD. Composed of 70 members, it is part of the Ceremonial Unit and likewise performs at community ceremonies and parades. The ensembles of the band include a Marching Band, a Percussion Ensemble, a Jazz Ensemble and a Steel Drum Ensemble.

The NYPD Pipes and Drums is a unit composed of active and retired NYPD officers, with funding and sponsorship coming from the Irish-American Emerald Society organization. It has become one of the main proponents of Irish tradition and culture in the city and state. It is an annual participant in the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Fifth Avenue and the Inaugural parade in the capital of Washington.