Prospective FDNY EMTs and Paramedics are trained at the FDNY EMS Academy at the historic Fort Totten (Queens). EMT training is between 13 and 16 weeks with the class length dependent on if the candidate holds a current New York state EMT certification. Paramedic training is a minimum 9 months for FDNY EMTs and 10 weeks for FDNY EMTs that wish to promote and hold a current New York state paramedic certification. All probationary EMT and Paramedic training is full-time with schedules that are 8.5 hours a day, 5 days a week. The academy also hosts certified first responder training for FDNY firefighters as well as other education for EMS members such as continuing medical education; emergency vehicle operations; CFR, EMT and Paramedic recertification classes; and other training. Initial and refresher training for the Haz-Tac battalion is conducted on Randalls and Wards Islands on the FDNY Fire-Suppression Academy campus.